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Who says I don't post on LJ enough?
Qitches don't know 'bout my mad LJ posting skills. All aboard the File Transfer Wagon. This is reason for you to stop complaining that I never write.

I hate my job. It took 3 years, but it's caught up. Or should I say the new TD (aka my boss) has caught up. Completely incapable of doing his job, unless I'm watching over his shoulder guiding the way. The funny thing is, I applied for the job and didn't get it, as I was "too young". Which is a fucked up reason to turn someone away from a job that they're obviously capable of doing. I digress; he's ruined pretty much everyone's day today. For the last time! I'm going to have a meeting with some of the higherups.

In other notes, I'm very happy because I have a beautiful young lady in my life, who quit smoking; I have a happy house with no one on the verge of snapping all the time, and wicked room mates. I have a plan (montreal), a project (the 22' dia. geodesic dome), a big plate of veg sushi in front of me, a good friend in the neighbourhood, a good handle on reality, a rapidly expanding world view, a lot of love for everyone except my boss. Oh, and a working relationship. FTW!

Also, please

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FTW!! Yeah!

I'm glad you're happy, brother!

Yeah, we need to talk about this Montreal business!

INDEED! It's coming very soon.

If you end up in Montreal, can you deliver a punch for me? I had an opportunity here, but I was too shocked to do it myself.

nope, buddhists don't do that shit.

Actually they do, but they feel strong remorse about it and try to do better the next instance. I went to the Jodo Shinso Temple for three years, 'til I saw the people running it were just as hypocritical as Xians. Though the old bishop guy who ran the joint, before leaving his yuppie son in charge, was awesome.

"Everything in moderation including moderation." is a Buddhist phrase, is it not?

I was just kidding anyway, you know that.

Are you moving to Montreal? That's awesome.

Also, what are you doing in the T-Dot?

I fb'd you about it... but I'm working at the Harbourfront from the 21st to the 28th. We're touring a TJ show. You got a number I can reach you at?

I'm at 416-209-8518. Give me a call when you're in town.

Is the show worth seeing?

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