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willy nilly richard etc.
It's my 8 year anniversary of admitting all of my terrible secrets to the entire world on live journal. I thought it was silly at first, and here we are, 8 years later. I still don't know if it's a good idea.

Clearly I've been in troubled water recently. I've admitted to myself that I failed in committing to what (always way and) could have been a really awesome relationship with a wonderful lady. I think I'm past the regret and onto the anger/depression, or however those stages are supposed to go. Definitely the depression; but I kick out of it by realizing that I made this adult decision and it's silly to regret it. I hate making decisions. But I did it and therefore I'm sticking to it.

I am failing to act on romantic interests due to my current state. This is ok, for now.

I am enjoying conducting a friendly relationship with Meaganarchy via the phones. Saturday night was the pinnacle of my discomfort and sadness. If you were there, I'm sure you get it. I am also missing this really important person in my life. The last few nights have been disturbingly quiet, and I am unable to conduct myself in an appropriate manner... Sorry to the folks who have been around me all the time.

On the other note - Rock for Choice was awesome and they gave me a free t-shirt for doing sound. Which is less than I would like to be making for nearly 2 full days work, but it's for a good cause. At least I got re-imbursed for my rentals! I would do it again.

I'm really thankful to all my friends for being around Calgary, miss all of you who have downgraded to the other slums (aka canadian cities) and cheers to the bots, stalkers and randoms reading this who I'll never meet. Heart all y'all.

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I was just commenting yesterday that I hadn't seen you post in forever. Creepy. :-)

I know, I was mind stalking you...

You have my sympathy. If you find a cure for dem blues that involves more than drinking and just time, let me know.

Not yet, but I'm researching :)

Woah, so guess who I randomly ran into at Burning Man...Nikki?!

Whack! I knew she was going, but the chances of you running into her? Bonkers!

I know, I was talking to a friend and then all of a sudden, bam! Nikki, right in front of me.

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