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it did happen...

red bean paste overload.
Teh Belgians are pretty awesome. Though, the audio stage carp is a bit angry, but who wouldn't be at having to fly half a million willow branches around the world and re-weave them in every city... for a 4 day run... every week or two.


Fire my boss.

Who says I don't post on LJ enough?
Qitches don't know 'bout my mad LJ posting skills. All aboard the File Transfer Wagon. This is reason for you to stop complaining that I never write.

I hate my job. It took 3 years, but it's caught up. Or should I say the new TD (aka my boss) has caught up. Completely incapable of doing his job, unless I'm watching over his shoulder guiding the way. The funny thing is, I applied for the job and didn't get it, as I was "too young". Which is a fucked up reason to turn someone away from a job that they're obviously capable of doing. I digress; he's ruined pretty much everyone's day today. For the last time! I'm going to have a meeting with some of the higherups.

In other notes, I'm very happy because I have a beautiful young lady in my life, who quit smoking; I have a happy house with no one on the verge of snapping all the time, and wicked room mates. I have a plan (montreal), a project (the 22' dia. geodesic dome), a big plate of veg sushi in front of me, a good friend in the neighbourhood, a good handle on reality, a rapidly expanding world view, a lot of love for everyone except my boss. Oh, and a working relationship. FTW!

Also, please

willy nilly richard etc.
It's my 8 year anniversary of admitting all of my terrible secrets to the entire world on live journal. I thought it was silly at first, and here we are, 8 years later. I still don't know if it's a good idea.

Clearly I've been in troubled water recently. I've admitted to myself that I failed in committing to what (always way and) could have been a really awesome relationship with a wonderful lady. I think I'm past the regret and onto the anger/depression, or however those stages are supposed to go. Definitely the depression; but I kick out of it by realizing that I made this adult decision and it's silly to regret it. I hate making decisions. But I did it and therefore I'm sticking to it.

I am failing to act on romantic interests due to my current state. This is ok, for now.

I am enjoying conducting a friendly relationship with Meaganarchy via the phones. Saturday night was the pinnacle of my discomfort and sadness. If you were there, I'm sure you get it. I am also missing this really important person in my life. The last few nights have been disturbingly quiet, and I am unable to conduct myself in an appropriate manner... Sorry to the folks who have been around me all the time.

On the other note - Rock for Choice was awesome and they gave me a free t-shirt for doing sound. Which is less than I would like to be making for nearly 2 full days work, but it's for a good cause. At least I got re-imbursed for my rentals! I would do it again.

I'm really thankful to all my friends for being around Calgary, miss all of you who have downgraded to the other slums (aka canadian cities) and cheers to the bots, stalkers and randoms reading this who I'll never meet. Heart all y'all.

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My living room. 12am, the night before.

DECISIONS (made in love)

(now go do it)

Addiction #2
Settlers. I'm at a point where I:

Get up at 8:00, at work by 9.
Lunch at 1pm, I get 1 or 2 games of settlers in the hour.
Work 2-6.
Dinner: Another game of settlers whilst eating.
Work the show: I usually just play 3-4 games of settlers during the 3 hour show.
Strike is usually 10-11pm, then I'm home by midnight.
I play 2-4 more games of settlers, then pass out about 3am. Back up at 8am.

I'll be the first to admit that I have an unhealthy addiction. What should I do?

ALSO! Who wants to play settlers on sunday?

CHRISTIANS: Stop fucking about with imaginary friends and listen up.
"It's an oral history. It was passed down, word-of-mouth, father to son, from Adam to Seth, from Seth to Enos, from Enos to Cainan, for 40 generations, a growing, changing, story, it was handed down, word-of-mouth, father to son. Until Moses finally gets it down on lambskin. But lambskins wear out, and need to be recopied. Copies of copies of copies of copies of copies of copies of copies of an oral history passed down through 40 generations.

From Hebrew it's translated into Arabic, from Arabic to Latin, from Latin to Greek, from Greek to Russian, from Russian to German, from German to an old form of English that you could not read. Through 400 years of evolution of the English language to the book we have today, which is: a translation of a translation of a translation of a translation of a translation of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of an oral history passed down through 40 generations.

You can't put a grocery list through that many translations, copies, and re-telling, and not expect to have some big changes in the dinner menu when the kids make it back from Kroger's.

And yet people are killing each other over this written word. Here's a tip: If you're killing someone in the name of God — you're missing the message.

~ Nick Annis

I think..
I'm pretty sure I'm settled on my courses for next year:

Quantum Mechanics As Interpreted In Transgender Russian Poetry
Basketweaving In Modern Society: Analysis and Perspectives
Quantitative Methods In Liberal Pre-Cubism & The Bosik-Richardson Postulate
The Impact Of Mayan Poetry On Modern Fractal Geometry: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Ethnicity In The Modern Age: The Homosexual Elbonian Condition
Rural Sociology As Seen In Inner City Chinese Paintings

and maybe maybe...
Masterpieces Of Upper Class German Folklore
Cyberpunk Literature In The American Landscape: The Rea-Trethewey-Marbourgh Law At Work
Masterpieces Of Homosexual Scandinavian Sculptures

Any thoughts?


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